Did you know? The usage and sales of essential oils are predicted to grow by 100% in the next decade.

However, the use of oils is seldom compliant with research and actual clinical guidelines. Dropsmith changes that.

Since this is the beginning of our journey we offer a special LAUNCHING Package for only 200 € and it will expire on January 1st 2019! This fee includes all the features of our regular annual EO user along with quite a list of very useful and unique additional services so don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
LAUNCHING Package includes entry of your essential oils to Dropsmith database with all the services as listed below


  • creating and editing your Dropsmith profile
  • essential oil entry (GC/MS analysis are required)
  • essential oil presentation
  • a minimum of 12-month essential oil exposure to all Dropsmith users
  • professional support from our experts
  • option for batched essential oils update
  • LAUNCHING annual statistic of DS users activity and interest in your essential oils (viewing, implementing, blending, liking, sharing)
  • the inclusion of essential oil in all platforms upgrade
  • recording statistics of each essential oil
    • most viewed essential oil
    • my essential oil page views
    • number of blends containing your essential oil