Did you know? The usage and sales of essential oils are predicted to grow by 100% in the next decade.

However, the use of oils is seldom compliant with research and actual clinical guidelines. Dropsmith changes that.

With detailed analysis, research and reporting, your essential oils will become an indispensable part of your user’s aromatherapy aspirations and activities.

Dropsmith's global platform enables you to:

  • experience a visual representation of your essential oils’ GC/MS breakdown
  • highlight and expose your essential oils - their uniqueness, value and quality
  • reach a better value for your first-time announced essential oils through known and proven effects of their individual components
  • find new clients and partners
  • gain detailed insight into the way people use your essential oils
  • become involved in the definition of a higher standard - help consolidate essential oils and aromatherapy and affirm the aromatherapist profession

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